The Sailing Academy

The Sailing Academy

The purpose of the Sailing Academy at the Cape Crow Yacht Club is to provide instruction for sailing the M32 catamaran. In addition, the academy provides company sailing for both the M32 and the J70, depending on demand. The M32 is one of the most extreme and exciting boats that can be sailed today, and the J70 is one of the largest keelboat classes in existence.

M32 licensing

To sail the M32 you need to undergo instruction on Hönö and Grötö islands. The M32 is an extreme boat to sail, and consequently a sailing licence is required. The licencing course takes three days, during which time we teach rigging the boat, sailing the boat and what to do should the boat capsize. Instruction is of the highest sailboat racing level and the instructors are some of the best yachtsmen in Sweden. Instruction includes 3 days boat rental and 4 sailing sessions.


Instruction and boat rental costs SEK 10 000 per person. Accommodation and meals are provided for SEK 2500 per person. In total, instruction, accommodation and meals costs SEK 12 500 per person.