The Club



The Cape Crow Yacht Club was founded in 2012v to run catamaran M32 racing. The name “Cape Crow Yacht Club” stems from the site where the clubhouse is situated. Kråkudden (trans. Crow point) lies beside Kråkholmen (trans. Crow island), one of the smallest islands in the western archipelago. Because the ambition was to establish an international sailing series, the M32 Series, it was found advisable to call the club by an English name. Quite simply, a direct translation of “Kråkholmens Segelklubb” to “Cape Crow Yacht Club”.

Today, the club not only runs the M32 Series in Scandinavia and USA, but also organises Allsvenskan I Segling (national Swedish sailing championships). In addition, company events are organised in both M32 and J70.

The Cape Crow Yacht Club has quickly become an important player in the development of new, professional yachtsmen. And some of the very best Swedish yachtsmen are club members, this contributing to a high degree of expertise.

Core operations

The Cape Crow Yacht Club organises the M32 Series and now runs competitions in Scandinavia and USA. Seglingsakademien (the sailing academy) issues licenses for sailing the M32 catamaran (crew license). In addition, the Cape Crow Yacht Club organises national Swedish sailing championship events together with Hjuvik SS and runs company events in both M32 and J70.

The clubhouse

The clubhouse, with its seating, sauna and kitchen facilities, is situated 200 metres from the ferry on Hönö island and occupies a perfect position for sailing. The facility is fully fitted out for M32 licensing, instruction, regattas and company events. The Cape Crow Yacht Club collaborates with “Västerhav” on Grötö island for accommodation and catering.


The Board

Chair: Mattias Dahlström
Secretary: Peter Gustafsson
Treasurer: Håkan Svensson