National sailing

The Swedish Sailing Federation is now starting national Swedish sailing championships in cooperation with a number of yacht clubs. The main partner is Svenska Postkodlotteriet. During 2015 national club teams will be formed in Sweden, England, Holland, Italy and USA. The Cape Crow Yacht Club is hosting an event where the races are being held just outside our clubhouse on Hönö island.
Our focus on juniors

The Sailing Academy
– licenses for sailing M32

The main purpose of the academy is to license skippers and crews for sailing the M32 catamaran. The M32 is a carbon-fibre catamaran and one of the most extreme and exciting sailboats that can be sailed today.

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Education and training
with Sweden’s best sailors

M32 series was formed to create a professional sailing series at regional level. Now you’ll get the chance to sail along with Sweden’s best sailors in our tvåskråvs boat named M32. You will have to fight in teams of 4-5 people, where everyone has a specific role.

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Try to sail M32 with the Swedish sailing elite.


Our background and the story of Cape Crow on Hönö

To get the sailing competitions approved by the Swedish Sailing Federation it requires that these be arranged by an established sailing club. Cape Crow Yacht Club was established in 2012 when Håkan Svensson started the first M32 competitions which later became the M32 Series.

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The name Cape Crow is of the geographic location where the clubhouse, also known as “Bastun”, is located. It’s called “Kråkudden” and is located next to Kråkholmen which is one of the very smallest islands in the western archipelago around Hönö. Because the vision was to establish an international series with M32 anad Håkan tought that an English name was more accessible. It was simply a direct translation of “Kråkholmens Seglingsklubb”.